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My Profit

Read the news and earn from $5 up to $9 for every read piece of news. You can read about 35 fresh news on our site every day. So you can get minimum $250 a day and $2000 a week!

How can I get the money?

You can get payment at any moment if you have the minimum sum. For that you need to enter Nickname and your account number in PayPal or Payza. Payments will be sent every 3 workdays.
Minimum sum to pay out is $910.

How to get more profit?

There is a referral program on this site. Spread your referral link in Facebook or other social networks and get $150 for every involved partner and get 20% from his everyday earnings. Be active, spread your link, involve new users – you can get much more than $2500 a week!

What does «Referral program» mean?

Spread your referral link in Facebook and get more earnings! You get:
- $150 for every involved partner;
- 20% from your partner's everyday earnings.

What am I paid for?

Mass media wants people learn current news from their site and they are ready to pay for that. They pay for news readers and we pay 70% of that sum for your work.

How to start?

To start working on the site you need to sign up and press «read news».